Vishal Hawa

Vishal Hawa

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Current Employer: Vanguard
Experience: 10 Years
Profile Summary • Powering insight-driven decisions: Making data driven decisions as a center of the strategic work on client needs, and leverage technology to create personalized Investment portfolio and marketing solutions. • Served as Business Manager for financial services marketing, Retail e-Commerce products feature engineering, competitor analysis, product positioning, Financial Markets – Equities / Options trading Strategies, Market research, Insurance – Fraud Detection, Claims Processing, Policy Administration, Quoting • Proficiency in Analytics and modeling techniques with Machine Learning/Neural Algorithms, such as propensity, clustering, Anomaly-detection, data-simulation and Classification with structured and unstructured data • Valuations - Business/Product Valuations – Discounted Cash Flow, Dividend Discount Model, Real Options, Writing and evaluating business cases & Proposals, Balance Sheets, Return on Investments, Product/Firm Strategy & Positioning • Worked with client executives in developing market-relevant insights to understand business drivers and foster growth. Managed multiple work streams and established trust with clients through understanding of business model and operational demand

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