Website & Technology Virtual/Remote Internship

Website & Technology Virtual/Remote Internship

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Website & Technology Virtual/Remote Internship

We are looking for innovators, problem solvers and tech geeks to join Seaside Sustainability’s Tech team. Our tech team is a group of seaside interns that have a knack for technology and are adept at helping others with technical issues. Tech team members are able to troubleshoot issues, supply tech support to all Seaside teams, and aid with finding new technologies that can drive the organization forward. They are able to create helpful learning materials like tutorials and documentation. Since Tech team members will be the go-tos for any tech-related questions, they should be naturally curious learners with strong communication skills and possess a willingness to help others. 

Our current projects include:

  • Sustainability Calculator: preparing to launch an online calculator to help users understand their sustainability habits 
  • Tech Liaison: an interdepartmental project designed to provide technical support and development to each team of Seaside.
  • Tech Integration: a push to integrate our databases, and automate processes to better understand our users and optimize our workflows.
  • Administrative duties: performing necessary administrative tasks such as setting up emails, managing databases, and staying up to date on latest releases of our applications
  • Market Research: maintaining and organizing our market research database which all interns contribute to

Skills Needed

  • Customer service experience
  • Strong writing and communication skills
  • The ability to learn new technologies
  • The ability to find creative solutions to a variety of issues
  • Excellent literature review and research skills 
  • A desire to learn new skills and share them with others!

Desired Experience

  • Experience with Wix
  • Coding experience of any kind preferred (JavaScript especially)
  • Digital marketing skills
  • G-Suite knowledge
  • Tech support experience
  • User experience work is a plus
  • Website design or experience with low code/no code solutions is important

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